Sub325® fine coal recovery system

Somerset’s Sub325® fine coal recovery system is proven and highly effective in capturing fine and ultra fine coal at marketable product moisture. Somerset provides a full service solution to deliver maximum plant benefit and coal recovery. Somerset provides the capital and equipment to get up and running and on-going maintenance for the life of the operation.

The combination of exceptionally high G-force, internal geometry and rotational differential in our centrifuge unlocks this new source of revenue by putting this size fraction on the clean side of your plant. It reduces tailings waste by redirecting valuable coal to the product stream.

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Tailings Management

Somerset offers enhanced tailings management with its proprietary processing technology, enabling effective dewatering and tailings disposal using Somerset’s unique Sub325® system. Existing plants flocculate in thickeners, dispose of tailings into dams or use belt press filters or other equipment to dewater to >40% moisture. Somerset’s innovative processing system, currently under development, aims to achieve materially lower total moisture for more cost effective, safe and environmentally sound tailings disposal.

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Maelstrom Oxidizer™ - Acid Mine Wastewater treatment system

Somerset’s patented Maelstrom Oxidizer™ quickly and efficiently precipitates hazardous metals out of acid mine drainage water. The Maelstrom Oxidizer™ supersaturates raw AMD water with oxygen. This technology quickly and efficiently precipitates hazardous metals 100 times more efficiently than conventional aerators and can be designed for your site’s specific volume, flow and metals content.

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Sure Cut Concentrator - Fine Coal Cyclone

The SureCut Concentrator deals with the challenge of handling dilute effluent streams containing ultra-fine coal by processing high volumes of water with low solids content. Somerset’s aim is to recover all coal that currently goes to the tailings stream. The solution is to concentrate the effluent stream to enable effective recovery of ultra-fine material via the Sub325® System.

The SureCut Concentrator captures and concentrates ultra-fine solids with innovate design to ensure maximum recovery of ultra-fine coal. Solids are separated and directed to the Sub325® solid bowl centrifuge for dewatering and recovery. The water streams are recycled to the plant for re-use. Material that was previously sent to tailings is recovered as product coal.