Industry leading technological breakthrough

While solid bowl centrifuge technology has been around the coal industry since the 1970‘s, it has not been economically viable and the resulting coal has been too high in moisture. Somerset partnered with Centrisys Corporation, a proven leader in centrifuge technology who shared our vision for innovation and made three key improvements to the solid bowl centrifuge technology:

  1. The internal geometries of the centrifuge have been redesigned, allowing the delivery of previously unobtainable low moisture ultra-fine coal.
  2. Through a variation of process control, the optimum G force torque are achieved to create maximum particle-water separation.
  3. The rotational differential between the bowl and the scroll of the centrifuge has been optimized through a wider range of variable options.
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Whole-of-plant yield uplift

Somerset’s plant design ensures safe and environmentally sound operations, rapid implementation and no interruption to existing production. The Sub325 system is fully automated, remotely controlled and readily integrated into existing coal preparation plant footprints. It has the added advantage of de-bottlenecking other plant operations, with better performance on a whole of plant basis.

*Patent pending